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File: DurgzMod 2.2 (INJECTOR FIXED!)
Version: 0 URL:
Description: HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO FIX THE INJECTOR (Credit to Deathmaker on Facepunch):
edit line 173 of lua/weapons/weapon_drugz/shared.lua


if (SERVER) then ent:Remove(); end
Yes. I know, you're probably peeing yourself right now. I quit Lua, but I did quite a significant bit for DurgzMod before I quit and I decided to patch it up and upload it for you guys since this mod is so popular. It's been a year after I uploaded 2.1 and it's still getting like a couple hundred downloads a week, which is pretty surprising!

Anyway's, updates:
-Added PCP. (I was going to add more but PCP was the only one that I truly finished)
-Added actual death icons (like, when you OD on anything it shows an icon of that drug next to your name)
-Bug fixes. When you log into a server, you aren't bombarded by all of the highs at once as a couple of people have complained.
-The injector seems to be working. If it doesn't someone please contact me about it and I might give it a stab at fixing it.
-I decided to make the sayings vulgar again. If you don't like it don't download it.
-I added two concommands:
......durgz_roleplay (default 0, if set to 1 then the drugs don't get those super intense effects)
......durgz_witty_sayings (default 1, if set to 0 you don't say those wittily constructed sayings when you take a drug)
-I think I missed a couple of things, like I'm pretty sure I fixed the bug with aspirin that let you get an insane amount of health among some other things. See for yourself.

Oh yeah, when you use PCP, your health jumps all over the place, your screen flashes random colors, and you do and take like 4x more damage than you normally would. Combine it with heroin for extreme awesomeness.

That's about it! Maybe I'll upload the parts that I didn't fully finish so maybe someone can pick this mod up like I did with ninjers'.

I give credit to:
Kathar made the weed and syringe needle models.
Ipha made the mushroom model.
Jaanus made the aspirin model.
sHiBaN made the cigarette model.
MacOfBlaze for the awesome face model (acid/LSD)
Valve made the water and Beer models (I skinned the beer)
ZucQuini uploaded the cocaine/drugthing model but I don't think he made it.
luigimario for porting the star model into the Source engine.

Here's the old thread:

Image: DurgzMod