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File: Clips for Handguns and a good bullet model
Version: 0 URL:
Description: These models are from a pack I downloaded a long time ago tha tpeople are interested in due to me having used it. Can't remember where it came from so here it is.

I copied the readme here to give credit where it's due.

Models/Skins/Compilation by Kathar (Marc Lyon)


Copy the 'materials & models' folders to your gmod directory.
Then add this spawning code:

"DEmagazine 1-1" "models/katharsmodels/magazines/DEmagazine1/DEmagazine1.mdl"
"DEmagazine 1-2" "models/katharsmodels/magazines/DEmagazine3/DEmagazine3.mdl"
"DEmagazine 2-1" "models/katharsmodels/magazines/DEmagazine2/DEmagazine2.mdl"
"DEmagazine 2-2" "models/katharsmodels/magazines/DEmagazine4/DEmagazine4.mdl"
".50 AE Bullet" "models/katharsmodels/bullets/50AE/50AE.mdl"

-To a Spawn Menu of your choice. For example random_crap.txt located in '.../gmod/settings/menu_props'

---Terms & Conditions---

1.) Reskinning of these models is allowed, so long as it "clearly" states I created these models.

2.) Do not release these models claiming that you created them.

3.) No need to ask to stick these models into model packs, as i would happy if someone even wanted to.

And last but not least, Have fun & Enjoy!

Image: Clips