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File: Zs Nacht Der Untoten
Version: 0 URL:
Description: This is a map on the NoxiousNet ZS server so some stuff wont work (the mystery box wont give you weapons unless you're in zs)

You'll still be able to spawn, but there are only two (non-zs) spawnpoints.

The file comes with the map's VMF so you're free to edit stuff.

-You'll need CS:S to see 'some' of the textures
-There are no CS:S models
-All DoD models and textures are packed in (though, you'll need to repackage them if you compile it with any changes)

Made by me
Textures by me
Layout by Treyarch

give credit if used/edited

find me on steam if you have any questions (Modestyiswimpy)


Image: Zs