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File: Weapons of Absurd Destruction
Version: 0 URL:
Description: Watch a video of these devices of diabolical death IN ACTION:

Ever wish weapons were not bound by common sense and petty "realism"? Ever wish that babies and fruit could become deadly projectiles? Wish no longer thanks to the WAD Weapon Pack! Let's take a look at all our fabulous products;
Exogun-Fires babies (which do no damage) and human skulls (which do many damage). Both of which disappear after a short time to counter-act lag.
Healgun-Heal your friends AND ENEMIES with this gun that fires precious medical supplies at high speed.
Melon Nonce-Fires melons and YOURSELF at high speed, reach for your dreams!
Melon Nonce 2-Not man enough for the normal Melon Nonce? Now you don't have to be ashamed of your girlish figure and delicate sensibilities because this weapon doesn't shoot you AS FAR. So your box of tissues are easier to reach.

I know what you're thinking: I wish I could make such great SWEPs. Well you don't have to! I fully endores ALL EDITING of my SWEPs and I will absolutely not send you ANGRY EMAILS threatening you if I see evidence of you editing MY WEAPONS.

Image: Weapons