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File: Swep Generator + Server config
Version: 0 URL:
Description: In the last 2 weeks I have been flamed to death for offering these on sharecash.
My goal was it to get around 15-16 $ so i could buy minecraft.
I have those now, so here are the links to mediafire as promised.
Facepunch link:
How-To free server with my server config:
Server config Demonstration:
Demonstration on the Swep Generator:
VER 1.1 (just showing newer feature, not the basic thing)
VER 1.0 (basic thing to see what it actually does)

from now on I only provide assistance if you send me mails. It goes faster that way, because I dont have to check all the places where someone could be screaming for help (the file, facepunch, youtube, myspace and so on)
my mail:""

Ray Koefed (yees..that guy who made these cool gmod songs with machinima videos) invited me to myspace..I like joined
spam me if you want to

Image: Swep