My Story of Severe Self Ownage


FS Member
Feb 11, 2007
Well... I installed WoW, and started playing it last night. To my surprise, my 8600GT was having some FPS problems. First it stays at about 80-85 FPS steady, but then at random it would go down to about 10fps, and would stay like this for about 1min. I started troubleshooting it, and I realized that my video card was overheating like a mother fucker (120C playing WoW). So I checked the fan, and it was non-operational. So, I pull out my comp, and try to remove the card. However to do that I needed to open and expansion pay in my case, and remove the little metal piece. Without taking a second look, since it was so small I just popped it out. The metal piece hit the fucken resistor on my motherboard!!!!! GG to me. Flame on, or you can mourn with me.