Why is Q6800 Intel C2D so EXPENSIVE !?


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This is my first rant ever about something thats been reaaaaly pissing me off.

I , just like any other gaming guru want to obtain he best PC for something that is affordable and efficient. Why is the 6800 C2D so DAMN EXPENSIVE !
Its almost 1/4 my monthly wage ! The damn CPU costs 1329$ AUD What drives me nuts is that in a few months something better will come out and as usual I ll get kicked in the nuts and be forced a year later to upgrade to something similar with about teh same price.
I think it is about time intel dropped their prices and maximised their mass production by a bigger margin . Maybe their production costs are high but damn try and lower it down a BIT!



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they are never going to drop there prices on new cpus wait a few months till something better comes out... then buy the Q6800 you wont have to upgrade for along time
Sure I wont have to upgrade for a long time, just like they said when i bought a bfg 6600 and 512mb ram then a 7800gt then a 7900gto. I always have to upgrade and its always my wallet that is victimised . :(


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Apr 11, 2007
The Q6800 is a Quad-Core ;) Not a dual-core ;) Its a new technologie and now they want much money for it :D