[WINDOWS]Microsoft says demand for Vista is strong: 180 million licenses sold

Nov 8, 2006
There was a small number hiding in Microsoftв??s FQ4 (CQ2) quarter release в?? a number we did not catch initially: The company said 180 million Windows Vista licenses have been sold so far and that demand for the operating system has been growing over the past year. However, if those numbers are right, and if previous sales numbers provided by Microsoft are right as well, then demand may actually be slowing.

Microsoftв??s thriving business and balance sheet is the envy of every business man. Over the past 12 months, the company had sales of $60.42 billion and a profit of $17.68 billion. You just know that the company is ready to expand further: Microsoftв??s war chest currently holds more than $23 billion.